We are in the final stages of becoming a registered Aged Care Provider!

At Yahweh Care, our commitment to providing top-tier care knows no bounds. We're thrilled to share that we're on the cusp of a momentous milestone: the final stages of becoming a registered aged care provider. This journey signifies our unwavering dedication to enhancing the lives of our beloved seniors.

Soon, we'll be able to extend our exceptional care services to a broader community of aging individuals, ensuring that they experience the same compassion, expertise, and support that have defined Yahweh Care. This milestone represents not just an achievement, but a new chapter in our mission to empower, nurture, and enrich the lives of our cherished elders.

We understand that the anticipation for quality aged care services is palpable, and we're delighted to announce that the wait is almost over. Interested potential clients can take the first step toward securing their place in this exciting new era of care by registering their interest with Yahweh Care today. Rest assured, our commitment to providing comprehensive and exceptional services remains unwavering. Our services will not just meet but exceed the highest standards of quality, ensuring that every individual in our care receives the dignity, respect, and expert support they deserve. Join us in ushering in a new era of aged care, where your well-being is our top priority, and the future holds limitless possibilities."

In the realm of Home Care Packages, a crucial step involves a meticulous assessment of associated costs. The financial landscape is intricate, dependent on the choice of your Home Care Package provider and the outcomes of your income assessment. At Yahweh Care, we're thrilled to announce our upcoming provision of these vital services, contributing to our community's well-being.

Understanding the nuanced details of your financial commitment is imperative. The costs incurred are delineated in a budget strategically allocated to cover services essential for your well-being. This budget intricately links to your assessed level of care, incorporating contributions from both the government and yourself.

Delving into the anatomy of a Home Care Package budget reveals a substantial contribution from the Australian Government, encompassing the subsidy and, if eligible, supplementary payments. Complementing this is your contribution, comprising a basic daily fee—applicable to all Home Care Package recipients—and an income-tested care fee, an additional amount based on your income assessment. Additionally, any mutually agreed-upon additional fees are factored into the equation. Together, these funds form the financial backbone supporting the realization of your personalized care plan.

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What are my funding options?

Recognizing the variance in charges among different Home Care Package providers is crucial. To optimize your budget's utility, a comparative analysis of service costs, care management, and package management is recommended. The Find a provider tool facilitates this, allowing you to discern the financial implications of services provided by different entities.

Consider a holistic view when evaluating costs—services, care management, and package management. Summing up these dimensions provides insight into the comprehensive charge on your budget for the invaluable services received. As Yahweh Care eagerly anticipates offering these services, our commitment to transparent, impactful, and person-centric care remains at the forefront. Stay tuned for an upcoming chapter where Yahweh Care becomes an integral part of your Home Care Package journey, prioritizing your well-being every step of the way.

In the intricate landscape of Home Care Packages, the Australian Government extends varying contributions for each package level. As we gear up to offer these services at Yahweh Care, our commitment to transparency in financial details is paramount.

The government subsidy for each Home Care Package level is distinctly defined:

Level 1:

Daily government subsidy rate: $28.14 Fortnightly government contribution: $393.96

Level 2:

Daily government subsidy rate: $49.49 Fortnightly government contribution: $692.86

Level 3:

Daily government subsidy rate: $107.70 Fortnightly government contribution: $1,507.80

Level 4:

Daily government subsidy rate: $163.27 Fortnightly government contribution: $2,285.78

It's crucial to note that these figures are up to date as of 1 July 2023. Additionally, if you are eligible to pay an income-tested care fee, the government subsidy is adjusted accordingly.



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