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At Yahweh Care we have a number of comfortable short-term accommodation properties available for our participants. We make sure that our participants get an opportunity to meet new people and feel at home away from home. Our participants get to try new activities like:

  • Watching movies
  • Having a meal at a nearby café
  • Walking to the beach
  • Playing a sport
  • Checking local attractions.

Our Haven of Accommodation: In the heart of Yahweh Care's offerings lie our cozy, short-term accommodation properties. These aren't just places to stay; they're your haven away from home. Here, we create a space for you to thrive, to forge connections, and to truly feel at home amidst new faces. Because home isn't just where you reside – it's where you belong.

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Supported Independent Living: Feel at home with Yahweh Care. If you require support for daily tasks, our shared living accommodations will make you feel at home. Our Supported Independent Living Homes in Toongabbie give you the opportunity to form friendships, connect with the local community and live independently - all while feeling confident you have the compassionate support of Yahweh Care! Our consultants make sure that all our participant’s individual needs are met. These include taking care of:

  • Participant’s medication timings and needs.
  • Participant’s personal needs like bathing and dressing
  • Participant’s meal preparation and cooking
  • Participant’s dietary requirements.

We also provide the above-mentioned support in the comfort of your own home if you do not wish to stay in our properties.

Length of Stay: Our participants have the option of staying at our property for their desired period of stay from a day to a month as per their NDIS funding.

Support for Children and Adults: We provide support to children and adults both and so our participants stay with others of their age making them more comfortable.

SDA is one of the supports that may be funded under the NDIS for some participants who have an extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. SDA refers to accommodation for people who require specialist housing solutions, including to assist with the delivery of supports that cater to their extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. SDA does not refer to the support services, but the homes in which these are delivered. SDA may, for example, have specialist designs for people with very high needs or a location or features that make it feasible to provide complex or costly supports for independent living.

We are also excited to announce that our very own SDA accommodation is in the process of being established, look forward to more updates soon.

Three categories will be available:

Improved Livability - Housing that has been designed to improve ‘Livability’ by incorporating a reasonable level of physical access and enhanced provision for people with sensory, intellectual, or cognitive impairment.

Fully Accessible - Housing that has been designed to incorporate a high level of physical access provision for people with significant physical impairment.

High Physical Support - Housing that has been designed to incorporate a high level of physical access provision for people with significant physical impairment and requiring very high levels of support.

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